These are words that over the years, patients have said to me.  Things that they took for granted before are changed and they feel that they are stuck in a place that doesn’t feel good. Sex is painful, sitting is excruciating, they can’t swim in a pool, they can’t ride a bike,  some can’t even sit comfortably with their baby. Jeans are out, skirts are in, going commando is sometimes the only option. Men have told me that they can’t sit because the pain from pressure on the testicles is unbearable. Or the rectal pressure they are experiencing feels like a big golf ball stuck deep inside.

Whatever the issue is, help is available. Pelvic health and wellness is a basic tenet of pleasure in your life. It affects your bladder, bowels and your sexual life. Pregnant and postpartum women in Northern NJ , know that we are the go-to health care providers for pelvic, hip and low back pain, and restoring function.  Four Corners Physical Therapy in Florham Park, New Jersey, serves women, men and adolescents who suffer from pelvic pain and bladder and bowel issues. We are known for our experience and expertise and our ability to evaluate the whole body and develop a treatment plan individualized for each person.

We are happy to have a free phone consult with you and answer any questions you might have. Pelvic pain rehab in New Jersey can be the answer for you to restore your body’s ability to move without pain.