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My doctor recommended Debra to me after my first pregnancy. I suffered severe back and pelvic pain after a difficult pregnancy that resulted in a C-section. Four Corners Physical Therapy rehabilitated my mind and body and made me stronger than I was before my first pregnancy. Debra helped me be aware of how I positioned and carried myself daily. The exercises reconnected me to my body and continue to rebuild my strength. I feel blessed every day that I get to chase my boys without any pain.

Kara W.
age 37


I have been a patient of Matt’s on and off for a few years.  In my quest to find the best exercise program for myself, I have done some really crazy things and ended up with really bad lower back pain and neck pain.  I also have developed tremendous tension in my pelvis after a 40-mile bike ride and have testicular pain when I sit down.  I have tried other therapists, chiropractic, massage—but no one else really seems to know how to get to what’s really not moving in me. Matt has an amazing calm yet focused presence, and his hands are strong yet incredibly intuitive. He treats my spine, my pelvis and sometimes has his hands on my head. Whatever he’s doing, it helps me move better and feel better with alot  less pain.

Jesse M.
age 35

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Debra is truly a hidden gem in her field. I had been suffering from constant burning and spasm in my pelvic floor as a result of a botched C-section. After years of suffering, Debra quickly figured out the problem when no one else could.  She is extremely knowledgeable and explains exactly what she is doing. She honestly restored the quality of my life and is an invaluable resource to any woman suffering from pelvic discomfort.

age 40

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I have suffered from chronic pelvic pain since my second child was born 5 years ago. His placenta was infected and the infection spread to my uterus and surrounding organs and muscles. In the past 5 years, I have had 6 surgeries for endometriosis and severe adhesions. I have tried complimentary treatments including acupuncture, yoga, pain patches-basically anything to avoid more surgery and recovery time. Nothing worked. Then, as I was recovering from a two-part procedure, my surgeon suggested pelvic floor therapy. I met with Debra and my life changed! Debra has given me back a quality of life that has alluded me for the past 5 years. I do still have pain but it’s more than manageable. There are days now when I am completely painfree and days when I have a little pain. There are fewer days when I am hurting, which translates into much more time to enjoy my kids, my work, my life. Next month it will be a year since my last surgery and I am in better shape than I have been in years. I wholeheartedly attribute it to the way Debra was able to evaluate and treat me.

Jessica Z.
age 39


Over the summer I was shocked to find out that the years I spent suffering from IBS has caused permanent pelvic damage and a type of prolapse that is seen in women who have had multiple or traumatic deliveries. I’ve never been pregnant ! I thought I might have to have corrective surgery but I have been able to avoid it. Right away I knew Debra was a great match for me and all the experiences I’ve had with my crazy body.  I like to call her “the pelvic whisperer.”

Pelvic floor therapy includes external and internal stretching, massage, medication that Debra recommended to my physician and exercise. She also does adjustments to my spine and pelvis that have really helped as well. As knowledgeable as I am, I’ve been blown away by her. I understand that the severity and complexity of my chronic condition might require continued treatment and I wish I could have treatment every week because its my favorite part of my week.

age 38

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Matt took my chronic hip and knee pain, which was a post-surgery complication and properly diagnosed and treated it.  After surgery and months of failed physical therapy, my pain was no better than before. After just 4 weeks of individualized hands-on treatment from Matt, my pain was gone. I never knew there was such a difference in how physical therapy can be delivered.  My only regret is that I did not discover Matt before my surgery as I believe I could have avoided surgery altogether.

Dan M
age 58


As a sufferer of vulvodynia and pelvic floor dysfunction, I cannot recommend Debra Goldman and FCPT enough. When I first came to Debra five years ago, I was in a state of constant, chronic pelvic pain. She was kind, gentle and committed to helping me reduce my pain and have a better quality of life. Not only did she treat my pelvic pain condition, but she also addressed my chronic lower back pain that was compounding my pelvic pain—in essence treating the “whole” person. Further, Debra is always current with the latest treatments and techniques, always thinking of how to better help her patients, and has been a tremendous help to me in navigating the relatively small community of doctors that treat chronic pelvic pain. Today I am light years better, due in great part to Debra’s efforts with significantly less pain. My journey to being 100% continues and Debra will continue to be an essential part of my medical team.

Kristin C.
age 41

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Debra started me on a path toward healing three years after childbirth, when I was experiencing excruciating pain from an episiotomy scar and doctors had repeatedly told me there was “nothing wrong.” Working with Debra helped me achieve not only a pain-free pelvic floor but a pain-free leg and back—something I did not believe was possible before meeting her.

Hillary F.
age 38


I have been seeing Debra for almost 5 years for pudendal nerve entrapment. She has been such a wonderful physical therapist and when I was really in a lot of pain she helped bring my pain under control. It made a world of difference, and I don’t think I can ever thank her enough for all her humor, kindness and knowledge. I have to say by the time I reached her, I was really worried that I would never get better again. The other places had not helped me at all and I felt defeated and completely discouraged. But the whole atmosphere at this facility is unique and no matter what problem I would ever have, she helps me solve it.  Currently we are working on my post-op recovery from pudendal nerve surgery and I am improving tremendously. Can’t thank her enough for all her help.

Nageena K.
age 34

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