Women who experience postpartum pain are often told by their providers to “give it time” and they will heal.  As a physical therapy provider who specializes in the evaluation and treatment of postpartum women, I say this is unacceptable. Postpartum issues are often multifactorial and involve soft tissue, joint dysfunction and muscle imbalances. What is “it” that time will heal?  Women who have pelvic floor weakness, pain, bladder or bowel leakage lose precious time bonding with their newborns because they are unable to do the things they expected to do. Sitting and holding your baby when you feel like your pelvic is tearing apart is impossible. Getting up out of a chair and feeling yourself urinate all over the floor is depressing. Women who need to get back to work but are afraid that they can’t even do their commute because of leakage or pain suffer economic losses that affect their family and our economy.

It’s time for a change. More to come.