Having a baby often brings an awareness to your own body that most women do not anticipate. And how could it? Between getting a positive pregnancy test and infrequent visits to the ob or midwife, there is little information or discussion about what happens during pregnancy and after childbirth. Chldbirth education classes are focused on the birth experience and outcome. Unless a pelvic floor physical therapist is part of the ongoing care, it all comes as a total shock.
So many women who come to my office for postpartum physical therapy ask, “Is peeing in my pants, pain with sex and weak abdominals my new normal?” The resounding answer is NO!!!
But because of these complaints are neither discussed or brought up in the immediate postpartum check-up they are ignored. I have heard women say that when they did bring it up, they got answers that included, “give it time” “wiat til you stop nursing” “go walk in the mall for exercise” and “you just have to live with it.”
You can take control and get the care you need and deserve. In NJ, we have Direct Access, which allows a consumer to see a physical therapist without a prescription or permission from your physician. Yes, you can call my office and schedule an appointment and get started on the road to postpartum recovery. Does this sound familiar? Pelvic pain, pelvic pressure, feeling a bulge in your vagina, peeing in your pants, weak abdominals, diastasis recti, pubic pain, painful sex, pain with sitting, sacroiliac and lower back pain?
OWN your recovery. Take control. Don’t wait for someone who does not understand the musculoskeletal effects of pregnancy and giving birth control your destiny.
Please visit our website and let us help you get back to feeling strong, in control and ready to run after your kids!