Last month I had the honor of being interviewed by Hillary Frank, host of the parenting podcast, The Longest Shortest Time. We did the interview as a Google Hangout and it was part of her Sex and Parenthood series. Hillary invited her listeners to submit questions about their postpartum experience that had impacted their pelvic floor function. Plus, it was all related to how their sex lives were affected and what they could to make it better. Everything was fair game.

We started with Hillary listing some of the real life goals that my patients had submitted.  “I want to watch a funny movie and laugh without peeing” was our opener. So many of the postpartum patients who come to my office are taken aback by the lack of bladder control they are experiencing. Who ever expected that you might be changing tiny little diapers AND changing your own? For some women, just getting up out a chair to stand can produce a gush of urine that is horrifying. For others, it might be less dramatic but the bottom line is many listeners wanted to know when and how they can gain control. I will continue to comment on this Google Hangout but in the meantime, watch the video and see if some of your questions are answered. Please click on the link here.,