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At Four Corners Physical Therapy in Montclair, New Jersey,  we specialize in Pelvic Health and Wellness. 
Our holistic approach to treating pelvic floor conditions helps you to regain movement and achieve your goals. We provide care to teens and adults for a wide range of issues, including childbirth injuries, sexual dysfunction, bladder control, postpartum recovery, menopause, and gender affirmation surgeries.

Debra Goldman PT, MA, PRPC Pelvic Rehabilitation Practitioner Certification

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“I could thank Debra a million times for how she helped me and it wouldn’t be enough. She brought me back from the brink, after prostate cancer and surgery.”

“I suffered from stress and urge incontinence most of my life, so meeting Debra Goldman was lifesaving for me. She worked with me on strengthening my pelvic floor, not only helping my bladder issues, but also making intercourse more pleasurable.”

“After the traumatic birth of my first child, Debra helped me put back the pieces after seeing every specialist physician who kept putting me on medications and advising surgery. My right hip pain and loss of bladder control made it impossible to walk, sit and do normal new mom things. Treatment for my pelvic floor and hip transformed my symptoms and I was able to get off all meds and even start exercising and walking with my baby. It’s even possible to think about getting pregnant again.”

“In the past 5 years, I have had 6 surgeries for endometriosis and severe adhesions. I have tried complementary treatments including acupuncture, yoga, pain patches-basically anything to avoid more surgery and recovery time. Nothing worked. Then, as I was recovering from a two-part procedure, my surgeon suggested pelvic floor therapy. I met with Debra and my life changed! There are fewer days when I am hurting, which translates into much more time to enjoy my kids, my work, my life. Next month it will be a year since my last surgery and I am in better shape than I have been in years. I wholeheartedly attribute it to the way Debra was able to evaluate and treat me.”

“Debra started me on a path toward healing three years after childbirth, when I was experiencing excruciating pain from an episiotomy scar and doctors had repeatedly told me there was ‘nothing wrong.’ Working with Debra helped me achieve not only a pain-free pelvic floor but a pain-free leg and back—something I did not believe was possible before meeting her.”